Wooster & Fograt in Worm Chase


This is a game I made for my friends in team Kale of the Lord for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES). One of the objectives was to make a 2-player video game starring the scavenger hunts' mascots, Wooster and Fograt. Worm Chase was specifically inspired by this video.

Multimedia Fusion Flash Application

Click inside the game window to play. Press M to mute. Might not play in Mozilla Firefox.

DOWNLOAD Wooster & Fograt in Worm Chase (PC only, 8.4 MB)

Download for PC so you can play it anytime! The downloadable version supports Full Screen and USB gamepads, as well as slightly better sound sync. You can also change the controls by pressing F3. The file is an EXE so your download manager may think the file is harmful. It isn't, except maybe to your productivity. (HA!) 

Here's our submission video below. (It was shortened to 30 seconds for the submission.) The game has since been balanced a bit so you don't get stuck in the gutter (left side of the screen) as easily.