Meet the developers!

Joe Rothenberg - Creator

Joe Rothenberg is developing Ping in Burbank, CA. He wholeheartedly believes in following your dreams, even if you have to go broke once or twice along the way. Favorite party games include Mario Kart & NBA Jam.


Ryan O'Connell - Composer

Originally from the east coast, Ryan started in theater but is now scoring for movies, TV, and video games. Ryan and Joe met when Joe asked him to compose for his senior Annie-nominated thesis, "Ladies Knight," and the rest is history. Some of Ryan's all-time favorite video games are from the classic Nintendo/Sega collection - MarioKart, Smash Bros., Super Mario 64, Sonic, etc.

Harrison Lee - Composer

Originally from Canada, Harrison moved to Los Angeles to focus on film scoring at USC, where he met fellow composer Ryan O'Connell. Before moving, Harrison studied music at the University of Alberta while developing a career as an electronic producer with a project called 'Secret Squares'. Earlier this year, Ryan invited Harrison to join the Ping team to collaborate on the soundtrack and he immediately fell in love with the game. Harrison's favorite games include Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country for SNES.


Wyatt Banks - Artist

Wyatt Banks is an illustrator hailing from Atlanta, GA. He studied Animation & Digital Arts at USC, and met Joe and other PINGers in school. One of Joe/Eric/Osric’s roommates during much of the production of PING, Wyatt served as an eager playtester, and contributed illustrations for the start screens. Wyatt’s favorite games include Super Mario 64, Diablo II, Half Life, Guilty Gear XX, DotA, Psychonauts, Borderlands 2, Super Smash Bros, and Team Fortress 2.

Eric Stirpe - Ping Team Liaison

A writer, artist and gamer living upstairs from where Ping was being developed, Eric leapt at the chance to test out the game frequently (and often at all hours of the night) as it grew from its monochrome origins. A frequent citizen of The Internet, Ping Team Liaison Eric helped Joe figure out ways to reach out to audiences and foist Ping upon the world once development was complete. His experiences with Ping and its development helped inspire him to put together a game of his own as an application for a job at Telltale Games, where he was recently hired as a Cinematic Artist.

Stanley Tsang - Producer


Stanley met Joe while he was working in LA. After getting to know him a bit more, he realized that Joe wanted to be a game designer. Seeing the potential in Joe, he looked for ways to work together for Joe to get his wish. In comes Ping, and the rest is history. The Gundam Arcade series is one of his favorite gaming pastimes, as well as Smash Brothers. Stanley is a filmmaker based in Beijing/Vancouver/LA.

Osric Chau - Producer

When Osric was 5, his dad introduced him to "All the right type". Osric discovered that through practice and repetition, he would perform better and type faster to increase his grade in each stage. For some reason he never learned to do that for classes in school but has instead applied that lesson to the many games that would end up being a big influence on his life and being. The latest obsession is Ping, and through practice and repetition, he is pretty darn good at it and always open to challengers. Some days he's also required to dance in front of a camera.

Chris Tom - Producer

Formerly the editor-in-chief of one of the largest online gaming websites in the world and an internationally-ranked competitive gamer across multiple titles (World of Warcraft 3v3 arena, Natural Selection, Team Fortress Classic), Chris now works on Player Relations and Communications at Riot Games. With his diverse gaming background, Chris was recruited to consult on Ping's overall gameplay design while also figuring out new and unique ways to nerf Osric's favorite playstyles. Some of Chris' favorite games are also his greatest design influences, including titles like League of Legends (naturally), Pokemon (the GSC era in particular), Dark Souls, Natural Selection, and Final Fantasy XI.


Mike Rothenberg - Producer

Mike has helped more than 30 businesses blossom from idea to reality, including three start-ups of his own.  He enjoys supporting Ping almost as much as he enjoys playing it.  Mike's favorite games include Mario Kart 64 and NBA Jam, as well as classics like Oregon Trail, Super Mario Brothers, and the modern classic Angry Birds.  Mike gives full credit to these games for helping him complete his engineering degree at Stanford and his MBA at Harvard.


Oh, and Mike loves his brother.  The end.