PING: Like that other game...but with missiles.

Finally, you can play ping pong the way it's meant to be played...with missiles. Barrage your opponent or save up for a massive Super Shot. First to 1100 points wins.

I made this game over a weekend and finessed it by playtesting with my roommates. Try out the game for free below. If you like Ping, you can help me bring it to iOS by making a donation or just telling me in an email that you enjoyed the game. Read more about The Ping Project below.

Hmmm...what does this game need?

Hmmm...what does this game need?

Missiles, of course!

Missiles, of course!

The Ping Project

Help me bring Ping to iOS! If you enjoy Ping and would like to play Ping on iPad, you can can show your support by making a donation below.  If there is enough interest, I'll start an official Kickstarter campaign. All donations made before the Kickstarter campaign will then be added to the campaign.

If you don't want to donate right now, but you're still interested in seeing Ping on iPad, shoot me an email using the form below to show your support. (Include "Ping" in the subject line.) Don't send me any ideas for Ping or other games unless you mean to give me full rights to your idea. I'm not looking for ideas -- I've got plenty of those. Mostly I'd like to hear if you like the game!

Short-Term Goals

  • Develop and publish a Ping app for iPad and PC.
  • Add single player campaign mode and custom color palettes
  • Launch official Ping website, instead of having to use a page on this website.
  • Budget Estimate

    • $2000 to keep me alive for 4 weeks while I add features, develop the iPad app, and publish it.
    • $130 for the Multimedia Fusion 2 iOS export module.
    • $100 to join the iOS developer program.
    • $96 for an official Ping website.
    • $200 to hire a composer to create original music.

    In short, if I can raise about $2500 I can bring Ping to iPad and see if this thing can take off.

    Long-Term Goals

  • Online leaderboards
  • Online multiplayer
  • Doubles mode
  • Powerups
  • Ping for Android
  • Start developing more games!
  • PingScreen4explain.png

    Email me if you want to see Ping in the App Store!

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    Want to see Ping on iPad? Have feedback? Let me know!