7/9/2013 - So Long, Texas


It's been quiet around Ping headquarters for the past 2 weeks while I visited Texas for my sister's wedding. The wedding was a happy one (it was indoors) and it was great to see friends and family. I also got the chance to show Ping around, and rumor has it there will be an article about Ping in my hometown paper (where I worked as a cartoonist years ago). 

Would that I could be with my family all the time, but tomorrow I return to Burbank -- triumphantly, of course -- to buckle down on Ping with rekindled passion. Next up I'll be working on a Ping trailer to help promote the game, then it'll be finishing & polishing the game until the cows come home. Which will be in August.


PING PRO TIP: When firing a Super Shot, press and HOLD the shoot button to condense the Super Shot into a powerful Mega Bullet.

Yall come back now, y'hear?


Posted on July 9, 2013 .