7/31/2013 - Trailer Progress

As with every animation project I undertake, the trailer is taking longer than expected. And since I am both the animator and game programmer, this means Ping's release will have to be pushed back, so we may be looking at a September release rather than August.

Ping Trailer: Player 1 charges a Super Shot.

My apologies to the legions of Ping fans. Since this is my first attempt at a fully-fledged commercial game, every step is new and my scheduling estimates are really just guesses. But quality must come first. Better to delay the game than rush it out to meet an arbitrary deadline.

The good news is that Ping will have a really cool trailer. The delay will also give me more time to look into doing a Mac release simultaneously with the PC release, which would be awesome.

So, stay tuned.

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PING PRO TIP: You can nudge a Mega Bullet up or down by double-tapping up or down after firing. How to do a Mega Bullet: 7/9/2013 blogpost. Try it out in the browser demo!

Ping Trailer: Super Shot fired!

Posted on July 31, 2013 .