6/5/2013 - The Sound of Missiles

Wow, it's been exactly 2 months since the last blogpost! I took a month off to finish a few freelance projects and other shenanigans, but I'm back on Ping full-time. More about the break in the next blogpost.

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce someone. If you follow the blog, you already are familiar with Ryan O'Connell, our music lead. Being the constantly-in-demand man that he is, needed some help to get everything done in time, so he brought on fellow USC alum Harrison Lee to round out the soundtrack. I won't share everything just yet because I want to save some surprises, but here's a couple of his tracks.

First, Harrison's triptastic, psychedelic theme for the Flower Power table:

And here's the catchy loop Harrison wrote for the end of a Versus match:

Harrison also created excellent tracks for Briny Deep and Dance Club, but I'll save those for another post. I couldn't be happier with the work of either composer, so I'm taking them both out to lunch tomorrow.


P.S. If you're as excited about the music as I am, you'll be happy to hear we have plans to release the soundtrack. I can't wait to be jamming to this stuff while I work on my next game.

Posted on June 5, 2013 .