6/17/2013 - The demo is up!

The demo is online! Give it a try!

So far just the downloadable demo is working, and it's PC only. Hang in there, Mac users...the online Flash version will be playable on Mac or PC and should be up soon. I'm waiting to hear back from Clickteam tech support.

In other news, Ping is coming along nicely. Here are my progress estimates:

  • Versus Mode: 90% finished
  • Campaign Mode: 60% finished
  • Training Mode: 10% finished (it's a recent addition)
  • Menus and Options: 70% finished

My guess is that I'll be finished and ready for release on PC sometime this August.  Stay tuned into the blog for updates, or follow Ping on Twitter: @pingthegame

Have a great Monday!


Posted on June 17, 2013 .