4-1-13 - Missile Music

Hello everybody!  So we've got some pretty big developments happening as we get ready to launch Ping in just a few weeks. We're doing another playtest this coming weekend, which should be a blast, as well as prepping a series of "Behind The Scenes" videos talking about Ping, Joe, and his process of developing the game.

For now, we also have some goodies for you. Our excellent composer Ryan O'Connell has composed two new tracks. It's just terrific stuff; check them out below!

Pretty excellent stuff, right? We can't wait to hear the tracks for all the other tables.


One of my other favorite developments this past week is that Joe has gotten the new Versus Menu completely up and running.  

It's pretty awesome because now it dynamically updates and animates to reflect what features or tables that you choose when setting up a game and just adds another feeling of polish to the whole thing.

Well folks, that's everything that I've got for you this week - We should have a bunch of good stuff coming up this month so stay tuned because we're excited to share it!

Stay frosty everyone! 

 Ping Team Liaison 


Posted on April 1, 2013 .