3-21-13 - Mysterious photos and flowery levels...

Hello out there, world! 

I hope that, as we come into the back-half of March, life is treating you well.  Here at Ping HQ we're still cranking away getting it ready for release next month. As our release date gets closer, we've started locking down which features will make it into the initial release. We're very excited to announce that the following features WILL be in the first release version of Ping:

Newly announced table "Flower Power." The moving mushrooms behind your paddle grow to assist you if your opponent starts winning.

  • 1-player Campaign mode
  • 2-player Versus mode
  • 10 different unlockable "tables" (including the recently added "Flower Power") 
  •  10 computer opponents in campaign mode, each more difficult than the last
  • Powerups 

There are quite a few features that won't make it into the initial release, but Joe hopes to add in future updates. They include:

  • Survival mode  (how many times can you score on the computer opponents before they score on you?)
  • 2-player co-op campaign 
  •   4-player versus  (would be awesome at parties)

In other news, our producer Osric Chau , who some of you may know from The CW's hit series Supernatural , brought Ping along with him to Vancouver, where he's filming his latest episode of the show. While on set, he posted this mysterious picture to his Facebook page...

After teasing fans for a few hours and making them guess what was in the photo he revealed that it was none other than the show's two stars, Jensen Ackles  and Jared Padelecki , playing Ping!  The picture has since hit Tumblr and amassed over 2000 notes.

Jared & Jensen (or "J2" as I've been informed their fans collectively call them)  are both well-known to be very competitive and big gamers and, according to Os, they really enjoyed themselves and that Jared was one of the best first-time players Osric had ever seen. We're glad to have them as new fans of the game and hope to be able to deliver a final version to them very soon.

So! That's all for this week. Stay tuned as Joe continues to work hard on Ping and making sure that we have a fantastic and awesome game for you all to play next month! 

Stay frosty everyone! 

 Ping Team Liaison 

Posted on March 21, 2013 .