3/13/2013 - New modes and release news!

 Greetings, dear readers! Eric here with the latest update. Sorry we had a few weeks' delay between blog posts; lot of things going on around here. But first, a recap. The Ping team sponsored the Asians on Film Festival (which our producer, Osric, participated in) - Besides handing out plenty of complimentary Ping-branded water bottles, lots of new people played Ping and we got the word out in a really fun way.

On the New Features front, now that power-ups and other core parts of gameplay are getting nailed down, Joe started tinkering around with developing new 'arenas' and game modes to add even more variety to gameplay and it's coming along really well.

There's The Square , a very competitive map: whenever one player pulls ahead of the other, the background changes color to match, creating a feeling of claiming territory. There's a big square in the middle (hence the name) which acts as an obstacle - you can either try to avoid it or figure out awesome ways to incorporate it into your strategy, banking and rebounding off it to get faster speed and unexpected angles. As the battle closes in on the final few points, the square begins to move up and down, faster and faster, for even more challenge.

Another neat new map is Snow Fight , a beautiful wintery map with falling snow and snowballs in place of missiles. Icicles fall from the sky to mix up the gameplay and get in the way of the ball and your missiles.

There's a lot of other maps also in production including a bouncy house, a dance club, a constantly-shifting rainbow map and (one of my personal favorites) "The Briny Deep," which you can see a clip of in the compilation video below showcasing several of the new game modes/maps. 

Two other new features currently being prototyped are multi-ball and ceasefires.  Just like in pinball, Multi-Ball changes up the game by releasing more than one ball at a time; it makes everything more fast-paced and chaotic and ends up being a lot of fun. Ceasefires, on the other hand, occur when the ball gets moving at maximum speed - All the missiles vanish, the music stops... For a few heart-pounding moments everything reverts to classic Pong-style gameplay with just two paddles and a ball... That is until the Ceasefire ends and the chaos begins again!

In other exciting news, Team Ping has started sitting down to discuss how we're actually going to get the game into the hands of all you guys out there - Can't give away too much yet, but for now we can say that the first full PC Version of the game is planned for release in about two months. We're very excited and can't wait to hear what you guys all think - We've been playing this game for months now and can't wait to start sharing it with the world.

Well, that's everything for today folks. We should be back on a more regular update schedule with the blog, so I'll see you all back here next week! In the meantime, stay frosty! 

 Ping Team Liaison


Posted on March 13, 2013 .