Week 5/6: Everybody get up, it's time to slam now...

...Space Jam references. Always classic.


The big news this week is that illustrator Wyatt Banks has finished his phenomenal poster/box art and it is really, really cool. Check this out you guys.

(Click to enlarge)

Seriously. How awesome is that you guys? Freaking gorgeous. That's going to be available in poster form and probably some other ways too - Stay tuned for news on that.

There's some really cool new features that have been added to the game the past two weeks - The core gameplay has been pretty nailed down at this point, so Joe is continuing to add new mechanics that allow for more strategies and deeper techniques.

The big change is that the charge bar (previously used to show the time remaining to charge your super shot) now acts as a sort of ammo-counter. Constantly refilling, when it fills and begins flashing you still fire a supershot like before, but now it also depletes as you fire small missiles. This means that button-mashing isn't as over-powered as it used to be and creates the opportunity for new strategies balancing the timing between regular missiles and supershots.

New fun features have been implemented as well, adding new twists and variety to gameplay.

One feature that a lot of people have asked for is the ability to change your color, and we have listened. There's a whole bunch of new colors to choose from (more still to come) and, as someone who has played a whole bunch of this games, I can say that the new color palettes are looking fantastic.


When starting a game, players can also now choose from various power-ups to help them get a leg up on more experienced players or just add fun twists to gameplay.


These include wide paddle, which makes the player's paddle twice as wide, fast charge, which makes the ammo-bar charge twice as fast, and point spotting, allowing a player to start with more points than their opponent, and the still-in-development bouncy paddle which makes your returns twice as fast. You can also enable Random Powerups, which turns playing a series of games into a sort of "party mode" where you need to rapidly adapt to changes in gameplay and strategy as the powerups change.

Those are the big gameplay changes going on right now and it is crazy to see just how tight the game is becoming and all the new strategies that these changes are creating. With all the graphical enhancements, the gameplay tweaks, and the new fun features, this is feeling closer and closer to a complete game!

Asians On Film.jpg

The last bit of news this week is that, on Saturday, Ping is going to be an official sponsor of the Asians on Film Festival - To be specific, we're going to be providing custom water bottles featuring Ping art, which should be pretty cool.

Here's the promo video, which you can actually see the Ping logo at the end of!

Well folks, that's it for this week. Be sure to tune in next week for more action-packed news in the world of PING.

For now this is your Ping Team Liaison, Eric, signing off.

Posted on February 13, 2013 .